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When Bitcoin first came out around 21 Years ago, I went to the Wall Street Stock Market Website and looked to see if Bitcoin was on the Wall Stock Market!
To my surprise it was!
But all of my years in the past, I saw the Wall Street Crooks raise the Value of the Stocks, then the Stock Market Crashes, once the Wall Street Crooks; Cash Out!
Then they Rebuy the Stocks, once the Stocks are worth Pennies to the Dollar!

I know that one day, Bitcoin and the rest of the Cryptocurrencies will do the same thing!
The Wall Street Stock Market is a Pyramid Scheme!
The Rich get Richer, while the Poor getting Poorer!
While you are gambling your money away on the
Stock Market, or better yet, on Cryptocurrency that is not
Backed Up by anything!?
Except a Electricity Bill!?

So, I invested in Something that has Value, where one day others can earn a Living the Legal Way, and never worry about the Stock Market Crashing, and me loosing everything that I own!
Like I've seen Hundreds of Millions of people who lost everything that they own, by Gambling in the Stock Market!
Just like how People have lost Billions of Dollars buying Fake CryptoCurrency!

Can you imagine yourself buying Bitcoin when the value of Bitcoin was around $40,000 Dollars, like Elon Musk did!?
The value of Bitcoin in Jan. 2022 was $35,000!
Did Elon lose over ???,???,??? Dollars!?

Bitcoin and the rest of the CrypToCurrency around the World will one day will become worthless!
Then you will CryToCurrency that is worthless to others!

Invest in something that is Tangible!

Take as the prime example!
Someone paid $11.99 for it!
The asking price now is $40,500 on!
And the Stock Market Thieves have no control of the .Coms that you Invest in!

Today, I invested my hard earn money into!
If anyone is interested in purchasing a ErsatzCoin, they are up For Sale!

What's in it for the Investors, who purchase ErsatzCoins!?

DotComs4Sale owns 418 Domain Names that DotComs4Sale has to offer to you!

Invest in something that is Tangible!
Where the Wall Street Gangsters, or any one else can not rob from you!

Really Folks, who own Cryptocurrency!?
Sell out now, while you can!
And invest in Something that will only go up in Value!

Here is what is for Offer, to the Investors who want to become a Owner with DotComs4Sale:

Each ErsatzCoin is being sold for $10 Dollars each.
Each ErsatzCoin will earn up to 10-20% Yearly of what DotComs4Sale earns!
Depending upon the Fund Raiser!

Here's the Catch!?
No other CyrptoCoin can offer this, not even Bitcoin!

Each ErsatzCoin owner will have a chance to vote on what .Com Company they want to Invest in!
The most voted .Com, your Investment will be used to produce Products to sell to the World!
Once one .Com Product is being made and sold, the next highest Vote, we will produce that Product!

There are over 200 .Com Companies to invest in, and if everything goes as Planned, these .Com Companies could turn into a Multi-Billion Dollar Hemp Industry!

You can Request a cash out on your ErsatzCoins, anytime that you want!
(When the Refunds are Available, we will pay!)
But you and your children will be missing out one day!

You can email us, and tell us how many ErsatzCoins you want to Invest in!
No money down, no payments are required, until everyone Votes which .Com Company they would like to Invest in!

And when there are enough ErsatzFunds to be raised, then we will ask you to Purchase the ErsatzCoins that you've Requested, and Production can begin!

We want to try to Manufacture in the USA, and provide Jobs to the Homeless!
We will vote on this, too!

Just like many Tokens or CyrptoCoins, there is nothing that can Backup the Value, only the Electricity Bill!
They are Called DummyTokens!

Sure, you can not go purchase anything with a ErsatzCoin, not yet anyway!
But everyone will have a chance to vote on this!
If you would like Us to go on the Blockchain one day!
So many CryptoCoin Companies have gone Bankrupt, because they say Hackers have stolen all of your CryptoMoney!

Your decision to Vote, not DotComs4Sale!

Scroll down below, there is a PDF that shows all of the .Com Companies for you to Invest in!

Here is one more thing, to really think about!
That not even Bitcoin can offer to you!

Once we get a .Com Company operating and earning money, we can put that .Com Company up for Sale!
Once any of the .Coms that DotCom4Sale, sells!?
20% will go towards paying the Investors!
The other 80% will go towards the next .Com Business to Produce a Product to sell!
You have that Vote to say yes, or no!

Once enough ErsatzCoins are Requested, we will post on this Website how much was raised, and what the Investors have voted for; to Build or Manufacture!

There are 100's of Options to chose from!
But, if all of the Options are manufacturing Products!?
You have Invested in a Multi-Billion Dollar CryptoCoin!
And it is not Backed Up; by an Electricity Bill!

We Provide a Finders Fee of .222%, which will be converted into ErsatzCoins!
You find more than 1000 Investors, the Finders Fee will raise to .333% of what was Raised from you!

Make sure the Investors, mentions your name, or your Social Media's name!

Once there are enough ErsatzFunds raised to manufacture a Product, then a Email will be sent to you, for you to finally purchase your ErsatzCoins!

How many People have lost their CryptoCoin Wallets?
You can never lose your ErsatzCoins!
We Guarantee It!

Payments must be made, using PayPal!
This way you can dispute any FalseCoins/Claims!
Sorry, No CryptoCoins can be used, only Real Currency must be used for purchasing a ErsatzCoin!

Each Month we will email the Investors on how much will be raised, until enough ErsatzCoin Funds are raised to Manufacture a .Com Product!
Then another Email will be sent to you, to tell you it is ready to purchase your ErsatzCoins!

Remember to read the PDF, on what you will be Investing!

Special Offer:
If you want to purchase a ErsatzToken right now, there are only 416 ErsatzTokens that are being Sold for $10 each, per Year.
These Funds are going towards operating DotComs4Sale.coms Domain Names.
If .Coms4Sale sells a Domain name, the Investors will get 10% on what they have invested from the Profits that will be made.
(Mind you)
The estimated Value of the Domains that DotComs4Sale owns, was estimated over 20,000,000 Dollars.

Special Crowdfunding Alert!
We have a Crowdfund Raiser that is going on! controls the World's English Rental Market!
But Airbnb doesn't have control of the
Spanish Rental Market!

DotComs4Sale enquired the best Spanish .Coms to compete against Airbnb.
Matter of fact!?
When the Owner of .Coms4Sale looks for a place to rent in the Spanish World, he has a very difficult time, leading him to walk the Streets, in pursuit of happiness.

The Spanish Speaking World has no clue who is, nor do they know, and the rest of the
English Spoken .Com Names!
So they can Post their Rentals for Free!

This is why the Owner of .Coms4Sale has bought the Spanish Rental Empire .Coms, and wants the World to become part of it!
Click Below and read the PDF Proposal.

If you are interested in Investing in ErsatzCoins
or ErsatzTokens!?
Email us!
Invest @

Click Here to Read the PDF Proposal for the
Spanish Rental Real Estate .Coms
Alquiler Casas, Apartamentos, Cottages, Cabañas, Habitaciones Amueblados, Hamacas y Casas de Campo en Todo Mundo por la Dia, Semana, Mes o Año.

Es gratis publicar sus Casas, Apartamentos, Cottages. Cabañas y Habitaciones Amueblados, Hamacas y Casas de Campo de todo el Mundo.

Rent Furnished Houses, Apartments, Cottages, Cabañas, Rooms, Hammocks and Tents from around the World, for the Day, Week, Month or Year.

It is Free to Post your Furnished Houses, Apartments, Cottages, Cabañas, Rooms, Hammocks and Tents from around the World!

¿¡No te pedimos nada, si eres estás contento con lo que te proporcionamos!?
Por favor haga una done para mantener este sitio web en línea para que otros lo usen...

We ask nothing from you, but if you are happy with what we provided to you!?
Please Donate to keep this Website online for others to use.....

Hola @

Si desea invertir en este Inmueble de Alquiler Español, para ayudar a expandirse por todo el Mundo Español, para que pueda ir a verlo, haga clic en el PDF a continuación y lea la propuesta.

If you want to Invest in this Spanish Rental Real Estate, to help expand throughout the Spanish World, for you to go see!?

Click the PDF Below and read the Proposal.

Publica sus Casas para alquilar aquí gratis - post your houses to rent for free

Publica sus Apartamentos para alquilar aquí gratis - post your apartments to rent here for free

Publica sus habitaciones para alquilar aquí gratis - post your rooms to rent for free

Publica sus hamacas alquilar aquí gratis - post your hammocks to rent for free

Publica sus tiendas de campaña para alquilar aquí gratis - post your camping tents to rent for free

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